Top 7 Middle East Ecommerce Websites in Arabic

7 Middle East Ecommerce

MENA spans Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its vast resource diversity, population, and economic development lend the region a hand in e-commerce success and interest. 

While some MENA countries already have solid e-commerce stacks, others are just starting.

E-commerce is online buying and selling. Due to its ease of use and accessibility, E-commerce is popular among young people, who account for 30% of the Mena population. As a result, this market is rife with opportunity.

Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia form 80% of the region’s e-commerce market. Despite being culturally different, these three countries’ digital economies continue to grow, especially since the novel COVID-19 Pandemic increased the demand for digital commerce worldwide. To provide an overview of the digital economy in MENA, we’ve listed the top regional e-commerce and shopping websites.

Regional E-commerce Sites

The websites listed below are e-commerce and shopping portals tailored specifically for MENA nations.


Noon is an online store that sells tech, appliances, beauty products, and more. The second-most-visited e-commerce website in the UAE serves not only the UAE but also the Middle East.

14.7 million people visit Noon website monthly. If you’ve spent time in the Middle East, you’ve probably heard about it.


Namshi is a top Middle Eastern retailer of children’s, women’s, and men’s clothing. Over 550 footwear, apparel, and fashion brands allow international brands to reach the Middle Eastern market.

Namshi, founded in 2010, sees 2.0 million monthly visits, though that number has declined due to seasonality. Namshi is one of the top MENA e-commerce sites.


Jarir is an online store that sells books, home goods, and electronics. Even though it first opened in 1979, the store has expanded and adapted to its customers’ needs and preferences.

Located in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Jarir currently sees 9.3 million visitors per month. Because of this, the brand is now widely recognised across the Middle East and North Africa.


eXtra is a Saudi shopping website. It sells home appliances, electronics, and personal items.

The fact that eXtra receives 5.1 million visits per month earns it a spot on our list.


Jumia, Egypt’s most popular e-commerce site, is based in Cairo. The site sells electronics and household items, much like Amazon.

The Pan-African Jumia is popular in the Middle East. Monthly visits are lower than, at 3.5 million for Egypt, but concentrated in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Nahdi Online

Nahdi Online is owned by the Saudi company Nahdi Pharmacy. Nahdi is a pharmaceutical and medical company. They hope to adapt to the increasing virtual society by incorporating e-consultations and the simple delivery of health products with the click of a button.

Nahdi receives 2.1 million visitors per month and ranks first in its category in Saudi Arabia, proving the vision’s success.

B Tech

B Tech is an online tech store. It was founded in 1997 in Egypt, but it has evolved into an e-commerce site with a $1.9 million monthly visitor base. The company also has clients in Saudi Arabia.

Even though there are countless other websites to shop from, you can never have enough online shopping. With just a few easy clicks on your computer and mobile device, you can sit or lie on the couch and browse the extensive options for anything.


Our list was merely a drop in the ocean of the e-commerce world. The Internet is still filled with countless valuable websites and online stores from which we never dreamed of purchasing.